15 minutes on your own cell phone can alter brain function and structure.

15 minutes on your own cell phone can alter brain function and structure, new study reveals A fresh clinical study has found that just quarter-hour of cellular phone talk period radiation exposure can alter the structure and function of the brain, including brain wave activity that’s connected to cognition, mood and behavior. Thirty-one healthy females took component in the scholarly study, released in PLOS ONE; all individuals were measured twice. On one of the full days, the cellular phone was attached to the women’s ears with a sham phone being positioned on their chests PriligyFr.com . On last week, the mobile phone was mounted on the upper body and the sham mobile phone to the hearing.

13) Nobody however the chemical companies reap the benefits of GMOs. Not a single GMO offers ever been proven to end up being safer, healthier or more nutritional than its natural counterpart. There’s also scant evidence displaying that GMOs improve yields or make farmers’ lives and livelihoods better – – actually, the most comprehensive survey ever conducted on the problem discovered that organic farming systems create the highest yields. 14) Regulatory bodies governing GMOs are asleep at the steering wheel. Because the federal government says GMOs are safe doesn’t mean they are actually. FDA-approved pharmaceuticals destroy at least 100,000 people annually, and in most cases the agency does nothing to safeguard consumers.