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The VA maintenance budget for 2007 is $519 million . Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs member Patty Murray said, ‘Who’s been minding the store? They keep placing Band-Aids on complications, when what the agency needs is major triage’ . Another overview of VA’s disability claims system is under method to regulate how to minimize bureaucratic delays, paperwork and lengthy appeals statements . The report is available online. Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see the report. On Wednesday passed three bills aimed at improving health care services for veterans Congressional Actions The House, Today reports CQ. A suicide-prevention expenses , which approved 423-0, would mandate screening for all individuals at VA facilities for suicide risk elements, among other things .The sufferers with cortical demyelination were more likely to have diffuse meningeal inflammation , and also moderate or marked focal perivascular meningeal swelling , than were the individuals without cortical demyelination. Diffuse meningeal inflammation was significantly and strongly associated with cortical demyelination , whereas focal perivascular meningeal irritation was less strongly, albeit still significantly, connected with cortical demyelination .